What is Reflexology

Much more than a foot massage

Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive complementary health therapy, which can aid deep relaxation and wellbeing and can also help the body to restore its natural balance.

Reflexology is evident throughout history and both Western and Eastern cultures are believed to have practised this therapy. The reflexology that we practice today is said to be based on an ancient form of therapy that was first practised in China in 2,330 BCE.

Reflexology continues to be enjoyed today by many and it has proven to be the most popular form of complementary therapy as people have discovered its many benefits.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy, the aim of the reflexologist is to treat the whole person; body, mind and spirit, the benefits therefore are both physical and emotional. It is not designed to replace modern medicine, but rather to compliment it.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are different points on the feet and hands that correspond with different areas of the body. These points are called ‘reflexes’ and they reflect, or mirror the organs and structures of the body.

The Reflexologist uses a variety of techniques to apply direct pressure to these specific nerve ‘reflexes’ in the feet or hands so that the corresponding areas of the body will feel the benefit. The aim is to stimulate the body’s own healing process in order to keep it balanced.

Any imbalances in the body systems can be identified during treatment and therefore worked on in order that the physical and emotional blockages can be realised. Treatments can be aimed at specific aliments and conditions; however regular treatments help to maintain health alongside a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

It’s important to mention that Reflexology does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe, it is more a helping hand for the body’s self-healing. Reflexology helps balance the systems of the body helping them to work more efficiently, which in turn speeds up the healing process.

Reflexology can be enjoyed by anyone at any age, however there may be some occasions where it might not be suitable. To find out whether Reflexology is suitable for you please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances.

The main outcome of a reflexology session is to bring about a sense of calm and deep relaxation. You may feel a release in tension and your mood improved. Just like treatments are tailored for you and your needs, treatment outcomes can vary per individual.
However; with the increasing amounts of stress in everyday life it is now more than ever important to look after yourself and Reflexology is one way to ease the stresses of the world we live in.

The most popular type of Reflexology is performed on the feet

Reflexologist in Falmouth, Cornwall.

The Benefits of Reflexology - Happy Body ~ Happy Mind

Reflexology has many amazing benefits, not only will you feel more relaxed after a treatment, people often feel less stressed and experience reduced tension, many of my clients tell me they feel a sense of calm after receiving Reflexology.

But did you know as well as being extremely relaxing, Reflexology can also be used to help treat specific health conditions* and symptoms.

Reflexology is also excellent for both promoting and maintaining good health, having regular treatments can ensure that the body continues to sustain optimum health.

Reflexology is therefore beneficial to you even if you don’t have a specific health concern. Many of my clients enjoy Reflexology as part of a healthy lifestyle and as a preventative treatment.

Here are just some of the wonderful benefits of Reflexology:

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Reflexology can help to reduce the effects that stress has on you by putting your body in to a state of complete relaxation, thereby reducing tension throughout the body’s systems.

It can also encourage the release of your body’s natural feel-good hormones; dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. These ‘happy hormones’ are well known for their ability to relieve stress.

Reduces Pain

Reduces Pain
Stimulating certain reflexes during Reflexology has the potential to increase the amount of endorphins realised into the body. Endorphins are the body’s own natural pain relief.

Also the relaxed state of the body and mind during reflexology can be an effective pain reliever.

Boosts Circulation

Boosts Circulation
Reflexology can improve your circulation. Increased blood circulation has many benefits, it means that oxygen and nutrient rich blood can travel to all parts of the body more effectively, especially to vital organs which can enhance their function and bring about quicker healing. It can also help with the re growth of cells.

Helps Eliminate Toxins

Helps Eliminate Toxins
Reflexology has the potential to improve lymphatic system functioning, therefore helping the body rid waste. It is also believed to improve bladder function and reduce Urinary Tract Infections

Improves Nerve Function & Stimulates the Nervous System

Improves Nerve Function & Stimulates the Nervous System
During reflexology, nerve endings are stimulated which can increase their function. It is the nerves that convey messages from the central nervous system to all parts of the body. By opening these neutral pathways, messages can travel unimpeded allowing the organs and systems of the body to work together effectively and maintain our bodies natural balance.

Encourages Relaxation & Aids Sleep

Encourages Relaxation & Aids Sleep
As mentioned above, reflexology has the potential to open neural pathways, which in turn allows free flowing neural activity to bring about a relaxed state in the body.

It can bring about a sense of calmness to the body and mind, which can also aid sleep and help with anxiety and depression.

These are just a few of the benefits Reflexology can have on you, both physically and physiologically. Reflexology supports the body to maintain the balance that leads to good health and wellbeing and best of all Reflexology can be enjoyed by many people and can be received by all ages.

* Reflexology is not designed to replace modern medicine, but rather to compliment it. It is not an alternative to taking mediation as recommended /prescribed by your doctor or health care professional.

Helen McDonald – Reflexologist.
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