Your Tailor-Made Treatment

Tailored for You

Everyone is different, therefore your treatment plan is tailor-made for you, taking into account your needs, wishes and expectations.

Before attending your first treatment I will ask you to complete an online consultation form. This will focus on your medical history, any health concerns you might have and lifestyle. I ask you to complete this to ensure I tailor a treatment plan that is right for you.

All information is stored confidentially according to data protection and GDPR. The information you give to me is only accessed by myself and will only be shared with other health care professions with your permission.

The consultation process also allows you to ask questions or discuss any concerns you might have including the reason you are seeking treatment.

Your first Reflexology treatment tends to be exploratory, therefore all the main body systems will be covered in order for me to detect any imbalances. This will then allow me to devise a tailor-made treatment plan specific to your needs. I will of course cover reflex points that are linked to any health concerns that you mention during consultation.

At the beginning of every treatment I will therefore ask you if there have been any changes to your health, or If you have experienced or noticed any changes since your last treatment. I ask these questions in order to adapt or change your treatment plan. I will also make sure you are in agreement with the treatment I have planned.

Reflexology can be enjoyed by most people, however there may be some instances where it is not appropriate or permission might need to be gained from your health care professional. The initial consultation allows me to determine if Reflexology is suitable for you. Or if you are unsure whether Reflexology is right for you, we can discuss your individual circumstances and I will be able to advice you.

To discover more about what happens during a typical Reflexology treatment, please visit the FAQ’s page.